Mini League

Full rules can be found in the Handbook or contact the Mini League Organiser Mrs Elaine Kidd. Email:

Entry Fee is £25 per club.

Closing date for entries is the January fixtures meeting. All clubs who wish to enter MUST have a representative at the meeting.

The minimum age of a competitor is 9 years old on the day of competition.

Age groups will be 9 yrs, 10 and Under, 11 and under and 12 and under on the DAY OF THE GALA.

Clubs must hand in a team sheet showing the competitors events and date of birth.

The Home club must send the result and team sheets to the organiser within 7 days of the completion of the gala.

The events are:

Event 111u Girls2 lengths freestyle
Event 211u Boys2 lengths freestyle
Event 39yr Girls4 x 1 length Fresstyle Team
Event 49yr Boys4 x 1 Length Freestyle Team
Event 510u Girls2 lengths Backstroke
Event 610u Boys2 lengths Backstroke
Event 712u Girls3 Lengths Breaststroke
Event 812u Boys3 lengths Breaststroke
Event 911u Girls2 lengths Backstroke
Event 1011u Boys2 lengths Backstroke
Event 1110u Girls2 lengths Freestyle
Event 1210u Boys2 lengths Freestyle
Event 1312u Girls3 lengths Backstroke
Event 1412u Boys3 Lengths Backstroke
Event 1511u Girls2 lengths Breaststroke
Event 1611u Boys2 lengths Breaststroke
Event 179yr Girls4 x1 length Medley Team
Event 189yr Boys4 x1 length Medley Team
Event 1910u Girls2 lengths Breaststroke
Event 2010u Boys2 lengths Breaststroke
Event 2112u Girls3 lengths Freestyle
Event 2212u Boys3 lengths Freestyle
Event 2311u Girls2 lengths Butterfly
Event 2411u Boys2 lengths Butterfly
Event 2510u Girls2 lengths Butterfly
Event 2610u Boys2 lengths Butterfly
Event 2712u Girls3 lengths Butterfly
Event 2812u Boys3 lengths Butterfly
Event 291 girl from each age group4 x 1 length Medley relay
Event 301 boy from each age group4 x 1 length Medley relay
Event 31 to be used only if required
Event 311 girl and 1 boy from each age group8 x 1 Freestyle relay

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