Water Polo

For full rules please see the Handbook or contact the Water Polo Organiser, Mrs Pauline Broadbent. Email: banddpolosec@gmail.com

Entry fee is £15 per competition per club.

The closing date for entries is the 14th January in year of competition.

So long as there are sufficient entries the competitions will be:

Senior, Youth, Junior, Under 14 and under 12s leagues and Senior, Youth (u16), Junior, Under 14 and U12s knock out.

All games should, Whenever possible, have two (2) referees officiating. These should be neutral and, except in an emergency, not be a member of, have been a past member of or have a family member of the home team. Unless agreed by both teams beforehand.

Completed Team and match sheets should be sent to the Water Polo organiser within 7 days of the completed match.

Fixtures will be held between 1st Feb and 31st October.

The Full rules can be found in the handbook.

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